Investing In Graphite Stocks : The Next Bubble,Ride the Graphite Bull Now

Fri, Apr 6, 2012

Best Graphite Stocks To Buy

The Next Bubble: Ride the Graphite Bull Now

graphite investmentMajor innovations in the use of natural resources have ushered in new eras of wealth and prosperity since the beginning of time.

The mythical Golden Age turned into the Bronze Age which turned into the Steel Age to the current Silicon Age.

Investing in Graphite: The Next Bubble: Ride The Graphite Bull Now

The next generation is in the early stages. Historians will call it the “Carbon Age.”

The Carbon Age is here. Investors are already making fortunes. And there’s much, much more to be made. But let’s start at the beginning.

Graphite Investment: Welcome to the Carbon Age

The Carbon Age will be dominated by the multiple uses of carbon (in the raw form of graphite) as the building blocks of new technologies with innumerable applications.


Nobel Prize awarded toGraphene is a form of carbon. As a material it is completely new – not only the thinnest ever but also the strongest. As a conductor of electricity it performs as well as copper. As a conductor of heat it outperforms all other known materials. It is almost completely transparent, yet so dense that not even helium, the smallest gas atom, can pass through it. Carbon, the basis of all known life on earth, has surprised us once again.

Graphite Uses

Lithium ion batteries


Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon Fiber


Fuel cells
Chemical catalysts
Natural gas storage
Hydrogen storage

Desposit Types – Canaccord report/Hoesgen e-mail

Supply and Demand

Price chart

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Additional Information on Graphite:

List of Graphite Stocks
Top Graphite Producing Countries


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Investing In Graphite Stocks

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