Agriculture Investment In USA :Jim Rogers on Agriculture Investments,Right Investment, Wrong Trade

Wed, Jul 18, 2012

Agriculture Investment Companies

agriculture investmentInvestment expert and money manager Jim Rogers has been right with us on Agriculture Investments for a very long time.

Back in 2006 and 2007 when no one was even thinking about the sector, we were pounding the table on farmland, fertilizer stocks, and the agriculture bull market underway. Jim Rogers was publicly there for the later stages of the bull run too.

We saw a bubble forming in the agriculture investment sector in 2008 and recommended selling out. Rogers, focused on the long-term prospects of agriculture, stayed bullish on agriculture throughout the crisis.

We rejoined him in late 2008 after the agriculture investment funds bubble had burst and there were compelling values once again.

Now, Rogers and your editor are diverging again. If the results are just a fraction as good as the last time, we’ll be in for another big win. Here’s why.

Earlier this week we noted how the corn price spike was a bit too much too fast and the real severity of the drought was blown out of proportion. In the end, we recommended betting against the drought-fueled agriculture price spike for a number of reasons.

Jim Rogers on Right Investment  Wrong Trade

Rogers, however, sees a much different investor take away from the recent Run In Agriculture Investment.

In a recent interview Jim Rogers told the Business Insider The world faces serious problems in agriculture. We are facing shortages of everything. The inventories are near historic lows so any problem will have an immediate, profound effect. We are facing a shortage of farmers so any problems will turn into even bigger.

The drought is a big deal if it’s not raining on your farm. But it is good for farmers in other parts of the world. You can’t have perfect weather conditions everywhere, every year. And with all the other problems, we’re hitting trigger points.

Such problems point to higher agricultural prices, and investors should buy now. Any weather problems will have big effects because of the dire situation in farming. Agriculture will be one of the best sectors of the world economy for years as I have told you often.

We couldn’t agree more. The agriculture sector is poised to run for years. The fundamentals are too strong.

However, we believe there are significant opportunities to take advantage of extreme highs and lows within the overall bull.

Although we’re not normally advocates of “short-term trading,” we can spot obvious low-risk/high-reward opportunities to bet against the heard when they present themselves. We won’t pass them up. And you shouldn’t either.

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Andrew Mickey
Executive Editor, Contrarian Insights

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