Gold Is The Best Investment : Here Are The Top Reasons To Invest In Gold Despite The Downfall In 2015

Thu, May 2, 2013

Reason For Investment In Gold

There’s one big reason to Invest In Gold In 2015.

gold is still the best investmentIt’s a reason most investors will never understand before it’s too late. Because when the reason is realized, gold prices will soar, coin dealers’ inventories will be emptied, and the waiting times for delivery of physical gold bullion will be months or more if it’s even available.

Sound crazy?

After all, stocks are setting new highs, the official unemployment rate is going down, and despite all the economically disastrous decisions coming out of Washington, the economy continues to slowly heal.

But the Reason To Buy Gold In 2015 won’t sound so crazy after you read this full explanation of what will happen to gold in the next few years.

The biggest reason to invest in gold now is China.

That’s right. That’s the number one reason to be buying gold right now.

Why you ask?

It’s simple once all the mainstream news about China’s gold purchases are added up.

China is buying gold aggressively. It’s not a secret.

The country increased its gold production 12% last year. The growth in gold production just extended the country’s dominance as the number one gold producing country inn the world. And it’s not exporting any of that gold.

China is also encouraging its citizens to buy gold. The country has some of the most highly regulated financial industries in the world. Yet it has no rules on the limit or amount of gold its citizens can buy.

buying gold is best investment

Furthermore, the government has made many statements about its intentions to take it’s more than $2 trillion in foreign exchange reserves and purchase gold with them. The most recent example came in January. At the time an official of the Chinese Department of International Economic Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs was reported to say that the country’s current gold reserves were “too small [to ensure] national economic and financial safety.”

Finally, China does not report its government’s gold buying and selling activities with any regularity. The last official report was years ago and caused gold prices to spike when it was announced and sparked gold investment demand around the world. China stays quiet about its gold price to buy as much gold as possible at the best price without driving up the market.

All of that information is known, easy to find, and often repeated as reasons to invest in gold. But the key is adding it all up.

Some day in the future China will report how much gold it has accumulated. The number will be massive. And it will spark another gold buying frenzy among investors around the world.

No one knows when that day will come. It could be this year or five years away. But when it does come, it will be too late for many investors to buy gold.

As a result, if you’re wondering why this year is a good year to buy gold, the answer is simple. Every year is a good year to buy gold.

The reason price declines in gold may make it tough for most investors to want to buy more gold. However, we’re still in a long-term gold bull market and investing in gold each year regardless of the price will pay off over the long run.

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Good investing,


Andrew Mickey
Executive Editor, Contrarian Insights

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