3 Cheap Stocks You Need To Buy Now, Cheap Stocks To Invest In 2015

Thu, Jul 11, 2013

What Is The Best Stocks To Buy Right Now

There’s no bad investment, only bad prices paid for investments.

cheap stocks to buy now 2015Any investment can be a good one if the price is right. Think of some of the worst investments available. Junk bonds, time share properties, etc.

They’re all almost always terrible investments. However, there are great prices to  buy cheap stocks to right now 2015  them at.

A deal is a deal. The best investors wait for the deals. They always buy cheaply.

Halfway through 2015 the S&P 500 is up another 15% and there aren’t many cheap stocks to buy now at great prices. But there are a few. Here are three of the best.

Cheap Stocks To Invest In Right Now 2015

If you’re looking for cheap stocks to invest in now, you’ve got to find stocks in sectors that are completely out of favor.

Right now coal stocks fit the bill perfectly.

Cheap Stocks To Buy 2015  #1

The entire coal sector has been hammered in the past few years due to a number of factors.

Global economic malaise has kept a lid on demand for metallurgical coal (used in making steel) and thermal coal (used in power plants) demand has been sliding as environmental regulations are instated around the world.

cheap stocks you need to buy now

While demand has been falling, supply is still high. The aggressive development and expansion of coal production from the pre-2008 boom still overhangs the entire coal sector.

This is the right mix which has brought big troubles to the entire coal industry.

Coal company shares have paid the price. They are down an average of more than 60% in the past three years. In other words, they’re cheaper than they’ve been in years.

The best coal stock to buy in 2015 is Arch Coal (NYSE:ACI). When steel demand returns, metallurgical coal prices will rise. Arch Coal’s current steep losses will turn into solid earnings. And shares of this ultra-cheap coal stock will soar as they do.

Cheap Stocks To Buy Today  #2

Related to the coal decline which has created so many Cheap Stocks To Invest In 2015 in there is the steel sector.

Steel has been one of the worst-performing stock market sectors in the world. If you looked at a chart of steel stocks, you’d think we’re still in the middle of the 2008 credit crunch.

Why? The stocks haven’t moved much since from the mid-crisis lows. And many shares of the weakest steel companies are below those historically cheap levels.

The bad news is the steel industry is not going to turnaround quickly. Years of overcapacity built up in China will provide ample supplies for a long time to come.

North American steelmakers, however, have proven through the past few decades their ability to innovate and provide high-quality products and meet tight specifications required by their customers.

That’s why U.S. Steel (NYSE:X), once a dominant global steel company and now worth a mere $2.3 billion, will likely be one of the survivors throughout the current downturn in the steel industry.

Its shares are down 90% from their 2008 highs. U.S. Steel shares are so cheap, merely recovering a fraction of their past levels could make it a double or triple in the next few years.

Cheap Stock to Buy 2015 #3

In the last couple of years gold prices have tumbled more than 30%. The largest gold miners have shed more than 60% of their value. And junior gold mining has been the hardest hit of all.

In fact, the Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF (NYSE:GDXJ), which is made up of a basket of the highest quality junior gold mining stocks, is down more than 75% from its 2010 highs.

The fundamentals for gold and precious metals, however, haven’t changed since 2010 though. And that’s why investors looking for cheap investments to make for the rest of 2015 should be targeting junior gold mining stocks.

They’re cheap. They’re completely out of favor. And they’re highly leveraged to the price of gold. So any recovery in the price of gold will send them soaring once again.

If you want cheap stocks for 2015, you’d be hard pressed to find something cheaper than the Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF.

Buying Cheap It Is NEVER Easy, But Always Pays Off

Finally, in addition to the three cheap stocks to invest in 2015, investors must take some other considerations when it comes to cheap stocks to buy .

These stocks are all cheap because their respective industries are facing significant problems.

History has proven for companies like these, if they can weather the temporary storms, there’s a fortune to be made for investors who buy during the bad times on the other side of it all.

The reason investors looking for cheap investments on cheap stock to invest in today ,should like these stocks is because their industries are facing tough times, but they’re not going to disappear.

A decade from now the world will still need steel.

The world will need metallurgical coal to make that steel and it will need coal for electricity (despite envronmentalists’ efforts to eliminate the coal industry, coal-fired power plants still provide 45% of the U.S. electricity production.

And as long as governments borrow excessively and politicians make promises they have no way of paying for, gold will have a bright long-term outlook too.

If you want to buy cheap stocks right now October 2015, you’re on the right path. In a couple of years you’ll be well rewarded with these cheap stock to invest in 2015.

Good investing,.

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